In which season and month does the pomegranate grow?

Pomegranate is known as the autumn fruit. Pomegranates are usually harvested in September and October and offered for sale in these months. Pomegranate does not ripen at the same time in all regions, as it has a long flowering period. Pomegranate, which is known to be consumed by everyone because it is a very useful fruit, is usually consumed in the autumn months. It is possible to benefit from all its benefits if it is consumed when its color and aroma take its full consistency.

Pomegranate, which can be found and consumed from September to November, which is considered the beginning of autumn, is known as a complete source of healing. Pomegranate, which attracts a lot of attention visually, is also very popular because it is a symbol of fertility. Pomegranate is a fruit that should be consumed raw. The coarse-grained ones are called muleteam. There are also red ones, seedless ones and sour ones.


Pomegranate is a fruit whose benefits are innumerable. Especially since it is a symbol of fertility, it is counted among the fruits that are not missing from the tables. Pomegranate is defined as a natural heart medicine because it is very good for heart and vascular diseases. Pomegranate, which also accelerates blood circulation, also provides a protective effect against heart attack. Known as the autumn fruit, pomegranate is a fruit available in many markets and markets from September to November.

Pomegranate is consumed raw or its juice is squeezed. It is especially important to consume pomegranate juice for breakfast or snacks to benefit from the B and C vitamins in the juice. Pomegranate, which is also beneficial for skin health, is a fruit loved by everyone with its sour taste. Known to reduce muscle pressure and cholesterol, pomegranate also positively affects vision health. Pomegranate, which contains plenty of vitamins C, A and E, also means abundance. For this reason, a fertility ritual is performed, which some call pomegranate crushing and some call pomegranate bursting.

According to the ritual, pomegranate is broken at home to increase the fertility of the house on December 21, usually known as the winter solstice, before the New Year. In the pomegranate breaking ritual, which is one of the Anatolian traditions, pomegranates are exploded inside the house. Then the pomegranate is crushed and the seeds are scattered throughout the house; It is believed that this will bring prosperity to the house.

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