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Welding hair is the application of healthy and long hair to the person by various methods. Today, one of the most preferred methods is keratin welding. Keratin source is the most natural one among the source types. It is often preferred because the hair contains keratin in its own structure. Another method is the bead welding method. Bead welding is a very quick method. People who are bored of waiting at the hairdresser prefer it.

What should be considered before having hair extensions?

The first point to be considered while welding hair is the center where the process will be done. It is very important that the center is clean and that the welding hair is cleaned at regular intervals. Applying unclean hair can cause skin problems. Another important point is the correct analysis of the hair structure. Hair types vary from person to person, so not every extension method can be applied to everyone.

The healthier and thicker the hair to be welded, the more successful the result will be after the procedure. It is not recommended to apply hair extensions to damaged, thin and fragile hair. Welding to thinned hair can cause the hair to break.

How should the correct welding process be applied?

It is very important to determine the type of welding according to the hair to be welded. The application should be done without stretching the scalp so that there is no breakage, headache and feeling of tension after the procedure. It is recommended to be applied by leaving a 1 cm gap from the scalp.

How should the hair extensions be taken care of?

The length and frequency of the resources to be applied varies according to the person’s request. The more frequent and longer sources are used, the heavier the hair will be and the harder it will be to clean. What can be done for ideal cleaning and maintenance;

– Do not wash your hair with very hot water. Welding joints exposed to hot water wear out more easily and their usage time is shortened.

– Use the blow dryer on medium setting while drying your hair. In the medium temperature setting, your sources will not be damaged.

– Do not comb your hair from the bottom. You can break your hair when you comb it from the bottom without realizing it. It will hurt you and your scalp will be damaged.

– Make sure to use conditioner to make the combing process easier. Your hair will be easier to comb and will look brighter.

– Welded hairs are prone to tangling. When mixed, it is very difficult to open with a comb. For this reason, especially during sleep, collecting hair without stretching or braiding will prevent it from getting mixed up.

How can the welding process be applied to damaged hair?

Welding is not recommended for people with damaged hair. However, they can wait for a while and take a break from the processes that damage the hair, such as dyeing, and strengthen their hair during this process. Over time, the hair will gather itself and become stronger. After they get stronger, they can have welding.

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